Store Policy/FAQs

How long is order processing time?


  • Order processing typically takes 1-5 days. We try our best to get your order packed and ready for shipping as soon as possible!


How long does shipping take?


  • Shipping typically takes 2-5 business days. Keep in mind that the USPS can get backed up during busy holidays like Christmas. They are also closed on all holidays. If you have a problem with order delivery, contact USPS.


Do you ship internationally?


  • We only ship within the United States right now. However, on Etsy we can ship internationally. Our Etsy is ShopKikiBeauty.


What is the return/exchange policy?


  • To ensure cosmetic products are not returned used, no refunds, returns, or exchanges will be accepted. Orders cannot be cancelled. No refunds will be issued if USPS loses your package since that is out of our control. If your product has a defect (not because of USPS), email and we will make it right with you.


What is your contact information?


  • If you have any questions or concerns email or you can send us a message on Instagram or TikTok @shopkikibeautyy.


Are your products non-toxic?


  • Yes! All products are safe for your skin and are non-toxic. We do not use any harsh chemicals/ingredients. If you have allergies of any kind, please double check the ingredients on the listings before purchasing. We do use COCONUT oil and SWEET ALMOND oil in our products!


Are your products vegan and cruelty free?